August 3rd, 2015

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I've been home from my beach vacation for a couple of days now. I miss the beach. Its my happy place. I know, dear Internet, that you are saying, "Well, Jessica, your happy place is anywhere you make it." I am quite aware that I can make any physical place my happy place if I chose to do so. The ocean is my most happy place, though. So let's not split hairs and whatnot.

In the two and a half days that I've been home, I've experienced:

Broken AC - Called the AC repairman cousin after spending two days in my 80 degree house. Unit froze up and also needed more freon. This is the third time he's put some in this year, so we have a leak somewhere. Not going to worry about that right now.

Ant infestation - Spraying as needed. A mild annoyance.

A wedding - I was able to see the bride walk down the aisle and had to leave before the happy couple said their "I do's." Babies were tired and acting like little drunk, hangry assholes.

A weekend visit from my mother-in-law - She stayed with me in order to attend the wedding. My MIL is awesome and easy to get along with, but the 80 degree house made it hard to concentrate on anything she was really saying.

A son who refuses to keep his diaper on, and the inevitable consequences of the aforementioned diaperless baby -Yeah, this is pretty self explanatory. Hot house, naked baby. Baby hates diapers. Mom cleans up feces.

In completely unrelated news, I am getting a little worried about my financial aid for this upcoming semester. They suspended it because I dropped a class last semester due to my aunt's unexpected death. I took a week off, got too far behind in the class and dropped to save my GPA. Apparently, that put me below the number of hours I needed to take and pass to keep my financial aid. I had to appeal the decision in writing and did that about a month ago. So, I wrote a letter explaining that I am a School of Honors member, my GPA is 3.875, and that I, despite dropping the class, still made the Dean's List in the two semesters that I've been attending and have managed to do all of this as a 35-year-old student with four kids. I also made sure to further explain that this was an unforeseeable event and that my failure to complete the course is not in anyway indicative of my academic endeavors. I've yet to hear anything back and classes start on August 31st.

It will probably all work out. I have no reason to even entertain the fact that it won't work out. However, I tend to expect the worst so I won't be too disappointed when it happens. If anything less than the worst occurs, then its a happy surprise. I know this isn't at all logical and is completely unhealthy from a psychological standpoint. Yet, here we are.

Speaking of completely illogical thinking from a psychological standpoint, I should probably take my anti-cray cray meds and, you know, keep taking them. I like to take them until I feel better and then I'm all "Screw this shit. I'm totally cool without you, medication. Laterz, loser pills." Then I throw those bad boys in a drawer for a few months until I feel like crap again. I crawl back and grovel. We get hot and heavy again for a while and then I kick that ass to the curb like yesterday's trash. We have a very volatile relationship. Its a vicious cycle, really. People say we're good together though, so maybe I should commit already.

I think I want to learn how to play the piano. I have the Internet and a proper keyboard. Shouldn't be too hard to pick up, right?

I also have something stuck in my foot. Its glass or a splinter or something from the beach. I don't know where my tweezers are though, so I'm going to just ignore it until I need an amputation. Hopefully, it will just be my foot. I can probably get by with one foot. They make some pretty awesome prosthetics nowadays, too. I can tell people I stepped on a landmine or something interesting like that. Maybe I will tell everyone a completely different story so that the real reason I am missing a foot is a complete mystery....unless you read this blog. If you read the blog, you would just know that I stepped on beach glass and then you would probably tell everyone else how I lost my foot and the air of mystery would be lost. I should probably just look for the tweezers then.

Until next time, dear Web User. Until next time...