Complete and Utter Nonsense (jesskd26) wrote,
Complete and Utter Nonsense

Hello Internet,

It's been awhile, eh? I am sure you are used to it by now. I'm here. I'm gone. Whatever. Do people still use this thing? I mean, besides ehowton? I don't know. Probably not, I'm guessing.

So, what's new? What's new? I'm still married. So there's that. Not like he could get rid of me. Sorry, mofo, you are stuck with me. I've had two more the same time. I almost died again. I got my tubes tied. We moved to Diboll, Texas, which sucks. I'm a sophomore in college. I make things out of paper and vinyl. I'm pretty awesome at it.

Um, yeah...that's about it, I guess. Its awesome that I can sum up like six years of living in a few sentences. Perhaps I should get out more? Perhaps, perhaps... Not really though. That seems like a lot of aggravation that I don't necessarily need or want.

My birthday is in a few days. I will be 36. When did that happen? Screw all that. I'm just going to tell people I'm 49 and then everyone will be all "Wow, you look great for being almost 50!" And I'll smile and thank them. Maybe do a curtsy of some sort. I don't know. I'm not Nostradamus.

For said birthday, I am going to the beach. I say I am going to use sunscreen. I have good intentions, but bad execution and so, I probably won't. Then I will spend a week bitching about a completely preventable sunburn. However, if anyone else bitches about their sunburn, I will tell them "Suck it up, Buttercup!" I'm cool like that. A rebel of sorts, if you will.

I really want to eat some sushi. Sushi is the bomb. People are all like "Waaaaa, I don't like the texture. Waaaa." Just try it. Shut up. It's delicious!

Aren't you glad that I took the time to resurrect this Livejournal thing? AREN'T YOU?

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