Got to admit its getting better, getting better all the time

In between writing classy song lyrics, I managed to get a work from home job as a transcriptionist. Mostly, its just writing letters and memos, deposition summaries and CPS reports from audio dictation and etc, but its from home so I do not have to pay a day care to watch the boy. I enjoy the work, and although it won't make me rich by any means, it will allow for some extra running money for the hubby, kids and I and makes me feel like I am actually contributing something to the household finances again.

The last part is something that I have struggled with mentally for months now. Even though my new job title is "housewife and stay at home mom", I really just feel like a bum.

In other news, we were approved for the new house and after some unforeseen problems with the earnest money deposit (Thank you, Eric. Have I told you lately that I love you and the Mrs. to death? I swear, if I knew how to bake anything edible, I would bake you two a cake. Maybe a few nights of babysitting are in the future should you ever make a trip to Dallas?), our loan is now in underwriting. Hopefully, we should be able to close on the 28th. I have my fingers crossed.

Since Cristy is unable to at the current moment (but thank you so much for the thought :) ), my lovely sister in law is throwing me a baby shower on the 7th of next month. I was told by her to add more things to my registry, but I really only added things that I know I will probably need and not many extras. I mean really, did any new moms out there actually use the Baby Genie diaper thing or lap pads? I also didn't put any clothes on the registry because I figured that people will just buy whatever they think is cute anyway. That IS part of the fun of shopping for a baby, isn't it?

As far as the pregnancy itself, everything is going fine. She is very active all the time, except when Tony tries to feel her. She enjoys hide and seek with Daddy and will freeze as soon as he tries to feel her move, but as soon as his hand comes off she is back to kicking the crap out of me. We do, however, stare at my belly in amazement as we can clearly see her doing sommersaults in utero.

I am entirely ready for her to get out now though.

More Classy Lyrics

I call this song: You Don't Think I'm Pretty


you dont think Im pretty and that is real shitty
I would have sucked your wang like a welcoming committee

yeah, you dont think Im pretty and I think you're insane
I guess I should have told you I'm open to daisy chains

no, you dont think Im pretty and yeah thats a pity
I would have loved to lay you down like that fellow Conway Twitty

well, you dont think Im pretty and that makes me sad
I would have liked for you to impale me in the style of Vlad

Yeah you dont think Im pretty
Yeah you dont think Im pretty?

You avoid me like I've got crotch rot
But you ain't got nothing on this Apricot!

I have some questions about Hank Williams Jr.

He is a very confusing fellow, and anyone and I mean anyone, would be confused if they listen to his lyrics.

In "All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down", Hank laments that none of his friends want to get drunk and get loud, because well, all of his rowdy friends have settled down. One really feels for Hank here. We have all had the friends we lost to marriage and babies or just because they are idiots in general. So you kinda want to take Hank out and get "high on the town".

But then, later, Hank says that all of his rowdy friends are coming over tonight because "We cooked the pig in the ground, got some beer on ice and all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight," or for some football. Whatever you choose.

But wait a second, Hank. I thought all your rowdy friends had settled down? Is this a new set of rowdy friends or are they the same rowdy friends re-rowdied? Or was this before they had settled down? Im confused.

Hank, in one song, says "Well my name is Bocephus I drink whiskey by the gallon and I never back down and I love a good challenge
what I do now is what I did then I like to get down with all my rowdy friends."

This was obviously before they settled down or are a new set of rowdy friends or the same rowdy friends that settled down only with new found rowdiness. It is unclear which.

At some point, Hank complains that people are bashing him for drinking, smoking and living out the songs that he wrote. He claimed that if he wanted to get stoned he was just carrying on an old family tradition. The question here is, who is bashing him? Are these the rowdy friends that settled down or the rowdy friends that are coming over? Because either way, its quite hypocritical of them considering that they are or were at one time were rowdy. People who live in glass houses.....

In another song, Hank says "Can't party all night like I use too. Can it be I'm slowin' down?
But friends are always here wanting to have a beer and take me right back out on the town." Well, I am assuming that these are his rowdy friends again, but this time he is complaining that they are rowdy. Maybe they settled down because you couldn't make up your mind, Sir.

It is this author's opinion that Hank Williams Jr is flaky and doesn't know if he wants his friends rowdy or not.

And lastly, Hank had a friend who was killed by a man with a switchblade knife and Hank stated that he wants to "spit some beech nut in that dude's eye and shoot him with his old .45"

Hank, I must say. That is pretty cheap. You temporarily blind him and then shoot him? Come on, you can skin a buck and run a troutline but you can't kill a man and let him see your face? Even country folk aren't that shitty.

My husband has the worst taste in music ever

And I mean ever. I took it upon myself to write a song....because if Peaches has fans, then surely I can make a living at writing crap also:

Listen up and shit
(lick on my clit lick on my clit)
I may not know how to knit
but I know a little bit about baseball mits
(so lick on my clit lick on my clit)

Don't go having a fit
You know I will eventually show you my tits
(lick on my clit, lick on my clit)
you only need to know a little bit
to successfully run your toungue up and down my slit
(lick on my clit, lick on my clit)

My sex may not pay the rent
but I heard it will get me a pants tent
(lick on my clit, lick on my clit)
call me up, booty call through sprint
I'm a nasty girl, I'll even have sex on Lent
(lick on my clit, lick on my clit)

We regret to inform you....

I had been looking for this for quite a while and finally got it from my mom.

What follows is a picture of my great uncle and the letter informing my great grandmother (his mother) of his death on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. Apparently my great grandmother had been writing the US Navy for over a year, trying to get some kind of answer on whether he was one of the casualties or not. This was the Navy's response.

JC White wasn't even supposed to be there that day. He switched shifts with another person so that he could go home on leave earlier. Needless to say, he never made it back home.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting piece of my family history and thought I would share.


I've been told that I am neglecting my Live Journal Posting Duties

But I just really don't have much to say.

Tony and I found out that we are having a baby girl. Everything is healthy and fuctioning properly from what the doctor could tell. I was told that I would more than likely be put on bedrest later in the pregnancy and that they will take the baby early. I was expecting both of these, but still holding out hope that I won't have to be bound to the bed for weeks or months.

The great thing about having a c-section though, is that we will know the exact day that the baby will be here a week or two ahead of time. This allows for the grandparents to be to come in from Mississippi, great grandma to come in from Diboll and etc. It will also allow for Daddy to stay at the hospital with me, (even though I told him its not necessary to spend the night. The hospital sleeper beds cant be that comfy.) and for Connor to stay with grandma...and everyone can take vacation time instead of sick time.

We are still waiting on some good news on our house. So far they have been dicking us around on the seller's side. I am ready to move in somewhere with heat and hot water soon.

Right now, it is snowing. Our son is looking out the window in amazement as he does everytime it snows. He is waiting for daddy to come home so they can build a snowman and a snowball fight. I dont have the heart to tell him that I doubt the snow will stick.

My husband llikes to flaunt his knowledge

I asked my husband a fairly simple questions earlier:

If someone were to shoot themselves in the head with a .357 Magnum with a "large caliber bullet", is it possible that the bullet would remain in the skull.

Tony went to the bookshelf and grabbed his reloading manual. He started to talk about grains and feet per second and etc. I said "Baby, I have no clue what any of this means. Answer my question like I am a RETARD"

He then gets a piece of paper and a pen and starts doing what he calls "simple physics equations". Again, I had no clue what he was talking about.

After about 20 minutes of this he says, the faster bullet hits with more force than the slower bullet even though the bullets are the same size. I asked him "Why didn't you just say THAT?"

Will someone please tell Tony that there is such a thing as overexplanation? Why say in 10 words what you can say in 1,500.

Futhermore, I think he enjoys flaunting his intelligence.

That is all.

Why I love my OB

So I went to the OB yesterday. Didn't have a full exam because I spent a big chunk of my time there hovered over the toilet, throwing up. My doctor asks me "Is there anything you are taking for that?" I said, "What? I can take something?"

She prescribed me the miracle drug called Zofran. I was a little weary when she told me that it was a dissolvable pill for nausea and vommiting. I thought, great....this is going to make me puke while its dissolving. It didn't. In fact, it takes all of 15 seconds to dissolve, has no taste, and makes me feel better immediatley and lasts for about 8 hours. Its pricey, but in my opinion it is well worth it. Woot!

I have to call and schedule an ultrasound for next week and some blood work. They estimate that I am around 10 and 1/2 weeks.

Thats about it. Have a great weekend!


I dont think I have ever been so tired in my life. I have been through pregnancy before but I don't remember being this tired all the time. Connor wakes me up at about 8:00am, I go in the living room and turn on cartoons and doze on the couch. At noon, I put Connor down for his nap and I go back to sleep. Cristy usually takes over when Connor wakes up and I end up sleeping until Tony gets home from work.....sometimes later. If it werent for Tony and Cristy, Connor wouldn't get fed because I am too exhausted to move.

I feel really crappy because the house is a mess, the laundry isnt done and I dont have the stomach or energy to cook. I am the worst housewife ever. I am ready for this phase of pregnancy to be over.

Yes, I am quite aware that I am complaining. But hey, this is a journal right?

I really want a fruit smoothie or a milkshake....but everytime I drink milk I feel horrible and now I am just scared to do it. I wonder how bad soy milk tastes or if 2% or half and half would be better.

Additionally, I feel that I am already showing and that I shouldnt be. I find this odd and I will bring it up with my OB on Thursday. But who knows....maybe its my imagination? I dont know...

I think I am going to go to bed now.